Documents Management

Ensure all your technical documents from rigs, JV, and everyday operations are complete, accurate, secure and accessible on time. Our services include designing and implementing going forward solutions, as well as migrating and de-duplicating millions of legacy documents.

Data Scraping & Analysis

Convert data in PDF documents or comments into data that can be analyzed. This is essential for benchmark and to gain deeper insight into wells and basins.  Certis’ team will gather, scrape, QC, load and analyze the data for you.

Well & Assets Life Cycle Processes and Data

Gain transparency into your end-to-end Well and Assets Life Cycle. See clearly the information required to break functional barriers and the critical integration needed to run an Oil and Gas company.

Taxonomy & Meta Data

Increase the find-ability of technical documents with the correct E&P metadata and taxonomy for each document. Our offshore services and proprietary software allows for fast but accurate tagging.

Process Improvement

Remove inefficiencies and gain clear understanding of your business processes. A standardized process is the only way to ensure consistent and predictable success. Certis utilizes Lean and Six Sigma methodology to find sustainable and holistic solutions.

Digital Oilfield Workflows & Data

We enable the data and workflow foundations that deliver tangible value to field operators, vendors and asset teams at the office. (We work closely with our partners for complete DOF solutions).

Data Governance

Improve the quality of all technical data, starting from well entity header data through wellbore surveys and completions details. Certis’ petroleum engineers and geoscientists will ensure not only the data is trusted, it stays trusted with a strong Governance program.

Change Management

With continuous advancement in petroleum and information technology, change is inevitable in every E&P company or risk falling behind the competition. No matter what the change is, we can help you onboard your team and achieve total compliance.

Completion Data

Harness the most granular data about your assets for stronger data driven models. Artificial intelligence and statistical models run better with standardized, complete and granular data.

Legacy Data Quality

Remove duplicated records, bring together scattered information and rectify missing or inaccurate data. Quality and trusted data have a direct impact on efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Certis’ petroleum engineers and geoscientists work hard to make sure your data is fully trustworthy by the end of the project.

Data Management Training

Training designed for IT information management professionals to hear and experience data requirements from the business users. Included are Geophysicist, Geologists, Drilling Eng,, Completions Eng. and more.

Land Administration

Audit and streamline the process of managing Land data & contracts. Our team will work with yours to find the suitable solution to reduce costs, increase agility and modernize where applicable.



Established in 2001, Certis Information Services, Incorporated, is an Oil & Gas service company. We are a dynamic team with vast oil and gas experience in data management and process improvement.

We are committed to your success. Our team’s participation in your strategic efforts guarantees quantifiable results.

With the focus on data and processes, the Certis staff leverage their experience and functional expertise to devise broader solutions that have a positive impact in all business areas.

Expertise & Experience

Run by Petroleum Engineers and Geoscientists; Certis hits the ground running. Our team’s knowledge of oil and gas assets’ lifecycle is unparalleled. With us you see far ahead to architect the best fit-for-purpose and sustainable solutions. 

Processes & Data

Certis combines process improvement techniques with data management best practices to reach for excellence and sustainability. Be it Lean Practitioners, Enterprise Architects or Data Admins, we are a strong team that comes together to deliver. 

Commitment to Your Success

Our team is motivated by one thing and one thing only, your success. We believe value adding and self-sustainable solutions allow you to elevate above the rudimentary to focus on competitive advantage.