Fatima Alsubhi

President and CEO
Ms. Fatima Alsubhi, founder and president of Certis Information Services. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Imperial College (London University) – United Kingdom.
Ms. Alsubhi has over 18 years of experience in information management and Oil & Gas process improvements. With hands on management, Ms. Alsubhi directs Certis technically and strategically.
She started her career in the Sultanate of Oman working for the NOC Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). She then joined the service giant Schlumberger (NYSE: SLB) serving the North Sea in Production Information Management and the corporate Schlumberger – GeoQuest office in Houston-TX- USA. Ms. Alsubhi founded Certis in 2001.

Harvey Orth

Service Delivery Advisor & Board Member
Mr. Orth has nearly 40 years of experience within the energy industry. He has served in various executive, management and technical roles during that tenure. Most recently he was Chief Information Officer for HighMount E&P. Prior to that, he had responsibility for information technology services for Dominion’s oil and gas unit including its predecessor company, CNG Producing. He has managed the delivery of information technology services for exploration and operation functions in many North American basins including the Gulf of Mexico and those in Canada.

Harvey’s career began as an exploration geophysicist in the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma and progressed to various  leadership roles including the establishment of CNG’s seismic data processing center and geoscientist support teams.  He introduced the company to more efficient database technologies and  led  sponsorship for the development of the Apogee and Oracle Energy software suite. His company was the first to deploy these systems.  As an executive and manager he has sponsored and led projects which cost-effectively yielded application and data standards simplifying workflows especially as related to mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Orth holds a degree in geophysics from the University of Kansas and has completed the Executive Management in Energy Program at Rice University.

Scott Jacobsen

Technical Director
Mr. Scott Jacobsen has over 35 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry. The majority of those years were spent with the services company, Schlumberger (NYSE: SLB), and some with an operating and active independent oil & gas company Southwestern Energy (NYSE: SWN).
Mr. Jacobsen is one of the most acknowledged and well-respected petrophysicists in the world, with over fifty papers published.
His career unfolded as a highly specialized petrophysicist/formation evaluation specialist with in-depth knowledge of petrophysical and geological well log interpretation, data acquisition technology, team management, and field operations.
Mr. Jacobsen enjoys discovering solutions for critical and complex technical formation evaluation challenges. Some of the additional technical areas he has covered over the years include: image log analysis, rock mechanical properties for frac design, shale sand/thin-bed analysis, resistivity, nuclear magnetic, dielectric and production log interpretation, fractured reservoir analysis, and gas reservoir analysis.
Mr. Jacobsen holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious University of Notre Dame. He is a member of the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts along with the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Tim Parker

Strategic Director
Mr. Tim Parker holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Geology from the Stanford University, California. Mr. Parker has over 30 years of Oil & Gas Exploration and Production experience. He is an established E&P executive with a track record of international and domestic technical and commercial expertise. Mr. Parker is the “Founding CEO” of HighMount E&P, a wholly owned subsidiary of Loews Corporation, a natural gas company. Before that he led Dominion E&P’s operations as their Executive Vice President. Prior to Dominion E&P, Mr. Parker built a successful independent International E&P programs, transforming Santa Fe’s business unit into a significant international competitor.