At Certis, we believe your data should lead to an increase in production, your processes should yield higher margins, and technology should help you scale your business.

Certis is an integrator of digital solutions focused on the energy industry. Our unique and proven methodology for architecting digital solutions carefully considers four pillars: people, processes, data, and technology. As a result we define and implement digital solutions that are self-sustaining and fit for your business.

Founded by a petroleum engineer in 2001, we believe domain knowledge and digital expertise are two critical success factors in every digital project.

Being on point with “proven” technology is essential to our company’s integrity and survival. We do not follow hypes. Certis believes and trains its staff in #Blockchain #SmartContracts #RPA (Robotic Process Automation), #ML (Machine Learning), and of course Big and conventional data management.


We are living in transformational times. Digital capabilities are growing exponentially. Newer more affordable technologies are replacing older and expensive ones. Companies risk stagnation and decline if they don’t switch to the right digital program on time.

The Certis team strives to stay up to date with the digital world. We research, experiment and follow other industries’ success. We can help you sift through the hype and focus on what really adds value to your organization.


– New emerging and more effective technology has become available in the market

– Current processes and or systems have been outgrown or need to be prepared for a rapid growth

– Cannot allocate full-time and dedicated team for a clear and finite one-time project, e.g. data gathering/scraping, or workflow optimization.

– Need to standardize processes, data and or technology, especially after a major merger or acquisition

– … and many more. What is on your mind? chat with us.


Clients choose to work with Certis again and again. We differ from the competition with our robust methodology, deep technical domain knowledge in engineering and geoscience, and our track-record in digital fields.
Certis has been and will always be unbiased in selecting digital systems or vendors. As a result we are laser focused on your needs, and will objectively architect effective digital solutions that fit your business needs. Below are three main differentiators

Expertise & Experience

Founded by a petroleum engineer with a passion for data and digital technology, Certis understands the critical role of domain knowledge in digital projects.  Geoscience and petroleum engineers as well as other petro-professions supervise all our digital projects.

Integrated Methodology

Certis’ unique methodology looks at four pillars

  • people
  • processes
  • data
  • digital technology

For that reason we always deliver solutions that are holistic, sustainable, and add real value to the business

Commitment to Your Success

Certis is unbiased towards any technology or vendor. Our team is motivated solely by your digital success. We believe in people-centric solutions; we collaborate with the business to cater to its needs and cultivate its ownership of a digital vision.


Certis was the only vendor that delivered on a portal project. We worked with several well-known vendors for two years before Certis, but none delivered a complete or practical solution.

Kevin AndereggPetroleum Eng. & Manager Business Process Transformation

Certis’ improvement methodology & on-boarding processes dived deep into the root cause of real problems while working closely with leadership, technical communities, IT and our head corporate offices. This holistic approach was instrumental to designing and implementing a long-term & sustainable TDRM integrated solution, where people, technology & processes work in synergy. Certis delivers.

Andrew LennonManager Technical DM, Qatar Shell

Certis helped Dominion’s IT department analyze and map data flow needs from the engineering perspective. With their help, reservoir, production and drilling solutions were brought into proper relationship to financial & administrative systems. They proved to be an energetic and invaluable addition our team.

Mary MartinFormer Director; Dominion IT

Certis’ methodology and process analyses is one of the best in the industry

Retired ManagerFormer Anadarko Subsurface IM manager

Your team is awesome.  Thank you for your due diligence process in ensuring drilling data accuracy

Drilling EngineerFormer Marathon Drilling Engineer