With advancements in digital technology, come new competitive opportunities. The Certis team is always on-point with latest in the data, processes and technology world. We sift through the hype and focus on real value-adding solutions. Over the years the Certis team has designed and implemented hundreds of digital strategies.  Our integrated methodology aims at delivering self sustaining digital solutions by ensuring that people, technology, processes and data work together in harmony. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Analyze and prioritize your company’s digital needs and objectives
  • Match your requirements with available fit-for purpose technology and processes
  • Optimize or re-engineer processes, roles and responsibilities
  • Manage digital projects implementations with multiple vendors and stakeholders
  • Change management and increase adoption and support for your digital vision

The Certis methodology is scalable. It has proven to deliver strong results in super majors and in small independents. Our digital services can be field specific (both oil and or gas or otherwise), domain specific (drilling, completions, production, land … etc., or function specific. Alternatively we can help you standardize across your enterprise.


Every company is at a different point in their journey towards digital maturity. As a result we pride ourselves on our familiarity with not only with advanced and cutting edge services but also basic and early stage ones. The Certis team has implemented hundreds of digital projects. Below are just some of the services we have delivered and continue to offer.

  • Gathering and preparing data for AI modeling and analyses
  • Data quality and governance for all data type, both technical and business.
  • Architecting and implementing data warehouses/lakes/ hubs. Our staff are familiar with SQLServer, MongoDB, Snowflake, Oracle and more…etc.
  • Digitizing from paper (if you still have any), including handwritten reports, well logs and anything in between.
  • Converting unstructured (comments, reports) data to structured data (in rows and columns). Our team has read and converted hundreds of thousands of well reports to structured data. Now using NLP and Machine Learning techniques.
  • Cleaning and standardizing data. The Certis team has cleaned the data of over 1,000,000 wells over the years, ranging from simple well header data to complex engineering and geoscience data.
  • Organizing, tagging (meta-data) and optimizing the search for technical files e.g. well files, geological studies … etc. Now using Machine Learning (ML) to automate.
  • Setting up engineering data systems and databases for analytical tools

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Certis recognizes that cutting edge digital technology offers affordable yet real and meaningful added-value. Today Business Process Management(BPM) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) together accelerate and intensify this impact. Some of the services we offer in this category:

  • Process Analyses to reduce risks, inefficiencies or find automation candidates
  • Process engineering or improvement using Certis’ integrated methodology and Lean principles
  • Process automation using available market tools such as UIPath, NetObjexl, smart contracts and blockchain.
  • Action plan to close the gap between current status and desired process state

You don’t see your project above? Call us to discuss your requirements.

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Digital transformation impacts how people work. It also impacts their skills and their emotions. Certis’ change management services, assesses the impact on people and their readiness to change. Followed by a complete roadmap to drive adoption of the newly defined workflows, data needs and technology. Research shows without recognizing and addressing people in digital transformation projects, companies risk failure of the initiative.

With continuous advancements in technology, we are faced with continuous changes. This does not mean you must adopt every new and shiny technology, but when a change is warranted, our experienced team has your back and is available to offer a helping hand to drive adoption.

Making  the transition to change non-disruptive yet well internalized is what we do. Our team consist of well-trained industrial professionals that can articulate non-threatening communication plans, coaching and training programs.